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      6927 Bromley Drive
      Viera, FL 32940

      6927 Bromley Drive
      Viera, FL 32940

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Lexus Technology Center Lexus Technology Center

Deb Barnard
Lexus Tech Specialist

Phone: 321-254-7878
Fax: 321-254-7151

Lexus of Melbourne Proudly Offers Lexus Technology Services.

Our automobiles offer the most sophisticated technology available to provide you with both the safety and convenience that you expect from a Lexus from Lexus of Melbourne. These features are designed to make the time you spend in your Lexus car or SUV as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We do realize that all these features can be a little overwhelming at first and that's exactly why we've responded with yet another new service to benefit our customers.

At Lexus of Melbourne, we offer extensive technical support in the following areas:

Bluetooth-Equipped Phones - We'll help you get your Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone paired to your vehicle's system, add, delete, and retrieve contacts in your phone book, and teach you how to make and receive calls using speed dial and voice recognition.

Navigation - The only thing worse than getting lost is getting lost because you're unfamiliar with your new navigation system. We'll show you how to get directions, add, save, and delete destinations, and effortlessly explore the roads less traveled using the voice recognition system. We'll also show you how to avoid those traffic jams along the way with XM NavTraffic.

Audio Devices - There's no doubt that you enjoy the blissful clarity of your Lexus sound system but are you taking full advantage of it's capabilities? We can help you do just that by showing you how to use features that you may have in your Lexus, such as XM Satellite Radio, iPod connectivity, a CD Changer, or show you how to download your music collection to the built in hard disk.

Everything Else - We'll gladly help you with any other technical challenges that you may be having with features such as the remote garage door opener, memory seats, key settings, lighting options, the park assist feature, climate control, and anything else that might make traveling in your Lexus that much more enjoyable.